Why do I need to know the history of search queries?


There is a need to see what sites on what positions were known in advance keywords in the search engine yesterday, the day before or a month ago. With this information we can understand who and how advances in the SERPs and what actions was made to take this. That information provides by a Save Serp Now.


In order to gain access to use of our data it is necessary to follow a simple and intuitive conditions. First you need to install our software, secondly please send us a request to join the program and wait for the review. The application must specify which search terms you are interested and goals you plan to use this information. Also tell us your name, IP address and client identifier. We consider the application in the shortest period of time and will notify you of the results by email. Remember, participation in the program is absolutely free, but you must have installed our software. If for some reason you do not want or can not install our software, keep in mind that you likely to be denied.

The total number of requests processed

May 2014 Jun 2014 Jul 2014 Aug 2014 Sep 2014 Oct 2014
Public 1000 1300 5400 6000 14000 33000 60700
Private 700 900 1600 2000 0.00 9800 15000


April 2014
Version 1.0 released
March 2014
Application crashed if running on 64 bit operation systems - FIXED
September 2014
Now we are using improved web view component.
Bug fixes.
Version 1.5 released.
October 2014
Version 2.0
Added Microsoft Windows 8.1© support